Alamance Dye Facility Takes Yarn Treatments to the Next Level

Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

National Spinning’s Alamance plant in Burlington, NC is one of the most modern yarn-dyeing facilities in the world, staffed by some of the industry’s top chemists and production management.  Advanced equipment  and software for shade-matching,  material handling, and batch control yield excellent adherence to color standards, shade uniformity throughout dye-lots, and repeatability.

The Alamance Dye Plant has made landmark strides in low-liquor dyeing, greatly reducing water usage and saving energy.  In addition, this is a “zero-landfill” facility. Our sustainability initiatives have earned two prestigious certifications:


Building on our color expertise and anticipating market needs, National began exploring using its dye kettles for other functional applications.  After a concerted research and development process we have been able to achieve remarkable results.

In-kettle yarn treatments now include:

  • OSM Shield™ durable water resistance.
    • Exclusive to National Spinning in yarn form.
    • PFOA and PFC free.
    • Efficacy through repeated machine washings, abrasion, and weathering.
    • Can be applied to almost any yarn–spun or filament.
  • Fire resistance
    • Will pass California flammability standards.
    • Can be applied to almost any yarn–spun or filament.
    • Non-durable for cellulosic blends, durable for 100% polyester.
  • Wicking enhancement
    • Keeps skin dry and cool.

To learn more about these yarn treatments, please click here or contact your sales representative.