Yarn Dyeing

Yarn dyeing

Home to one of the world’s most modern robotic dyeing and color-matching operations, National can offer the widest variety of dyed yarns. These include both spun and filament yarns. Yarns we offer include acrylic, cotton, nylon, modacrylic, rayon, polyester, wool,  aramids, and blends. We can custom-match shades and work with you on specific product requirements. Offerings include hi-vis shades and infrared characteristics.

We maintain a color card and stock levels of  “quick-response” fashionable shades in 1/28 worsted count (Ne 18.6/1) short staple acrylic for immediate shipment.

Besides offering yarns spun in our own plants, we also offer commission-dyeing of virtually any yarn. Yarns can be sourced by National Spinning or provided by customers. We have a wide range of kettle sizes and the most modern color-matching facility in the world.

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