Yarns of wool: timeless comfort and performance.

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

National Spinning’s first business was wool yarn—and wool continues to be an important part of our product line.

Standard items include

  • 100% worsted wool yarns for industrial, outerwear, and trim markets.
  • Long staple wool blends for sweaters, socks, headwear, and gloves.
  • Long staple wool blends with technical fibers for performance applications.
  • Short staple wool blends with synthetics for hosiery and technical markets.

Yarn can be provided either dyed or undyed (greige).  We source mainly domestic (USA-grown) wool, including “Superwash” treated, in grades from 54s to 80s. As a US manufacturer of US wool yarn, we can offer yarn that meets the qualifications for Berry-Hefner Amendment certification.

Please contact a sales associate for further information.