Not too late to apply for NCSU National Spinning/Leff Scholarship

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

National Spinning endows the National Spinning/Joseph Leff Scholarship at North Carolina State University’s College of Textiles in memory of our late chairman.  Scholarships are awarded to qualifying students majoring in textiles at NCSU in the following order of priority.

1. Sons or daughters of current National Spinning Co., Inc. employees, or current employees of the company.

2. Other family members of current employees (such as nieces, grandchildren, spouses).

3. Students whose homes are short distances from National Spinning plant locations.

4. If no student meets the criteria above, other qualifying students will be considered for eligibility.

Below is a list of current and past recipients.

Emily Price (current)

Mitchell Gwynn (current)

Jeremy Overton

Council Taylor

Brittany Knox

Jennifer Forrest

Kaitlin Williams

Allison Lewis

Hans Peebles

Dale Greeson