Fiber Blending

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Need a custom fiber blend for your yarn, fabric, mattress, or nonwoven?  

Looking for a unique coloration or special fabric attributes such as flame-retardancy, absorbency, loft, or abrasion-resistance?

National Spinning has a sophisticated fiber blending operation in Kinston, NC that can fit the bill.  In this facility we can blend virtually any number of blend-components down to as low as 1% per component.  Minimum lot size is 3,000 Lbs. and there is no maximum lot size.  Great care is taken to flush the line of any stray fibers between lots.

National can source the blend components to combine or, if you prefer, blend your fibers on a commission basis. Once the lot has been blended, National can either spin it into yarn or bale it in fiber state for shipment.

For further information on capability, pricing, and more, please contact us.