Yarn Calculator

Not sure of numbering systems? Don’t know what yarn count you need? We can recommend two solutions.

1. Rieter is a well-established maker of textile machinery.  The have created a yarn calculator that works on your computer or smartphone.  The PC-based software can be found here. The smartphone app can be found wherever you normally get apps under the name “Rieter Calculator.” This is a helpful tool for converting between number systems including metric, English, worsted, and denier.

2. Wolfram Alpha is a computational search engine that can be found here: http://www.wolframalpha.com/

Here are some examples of how to phrase yarn count conversions using this tool:

  • Type in “1000 yards per pound = denier”. The calculator will return 4464 denier.
  • Type in “4464 denier = metric count”. The calculator will return 2.016 metric count.
  • Type in “2.016 metric count = worsted count”. The calculator will return 1.786 worsted.
  • Type in “1.786 worsted count = cotton count”. The calculator will return 1.191 cotton count.

Should you have questions about any particular yarn, please contact us.