Circular Knit

Circular KnitMaking patterns or stripes? Activewear or fashion apparel? National has you covered with shade matching and a wide array of dyed yarns, including both spun and filament products. Looking to piece-dye instead? We have a large selection of greige (undyed) yarns as well. Whether it’s acrylic, polyester, technical fibers, or natural fibers, we offer a range of options to make your fabric right.

The chart below lists some of our standard blends and counts. Please click here if you need more detailed information or pricing.

If you need help with yarn count conversions, please click here.

Standard blends Raw white (greige) Dyed Plying Count range Ne Count range worsted Count range NM
100% acrylic OE yes yes yes 4-28 6-42 7-50
100% polyester OE yes yes yes 4-30 6-45 7-50
100% acrylic ring spun yes yes yes 4-28 6-42 7-50
Cotton/acrylic blends yes yes yes contact us
Filament poly no yes yes contact us