Sweaters & Knitted Accessories

iStock_000021026427_Small sweaterFrom our first days in the yarn business back in the 1920s, National has been the premiere US sweater yarn resource.

Today we offer a broad range of products for flat and circular knitting. Our knowledge of domestic knit resources gives you the opportunity to learn not only about yarns but also about contract knitting and finishing resources.

The chart below lists some of our standard blends and counts. Please click here if you need more detailed information or pricing.

If you need help with yarn count conversions, please click here.

Standard blends Raw white (greige) Dyed Plying Count range Ne Count range worsted Count range NM
100% acrylic high bulk yes yes yes 1-22 1-32 1-37
100% acrylic OE yes yes yes 1-28 1-42 1-49
100% acrylic ring spun yes yes yes 1-30 1-45 1-51
Short staple acrylic/wool yes yes yes 1-22 1-32 1-37
Long Staple acrylic/wool yes yes yes 1-22 1-32 1-37
100% worsted wool yes yes yes 1-14 1-20 1-24
SoSoft acrylic yes yes yes 16 24 27
Acrylic slub yes yes yes 10 15 17