National Spinning spins synthetic and natural fibers into yarns. Our spinning systems include long staple worsted, short staple ring, and open end. Once the yarn is spun it can in most cases be plied as necessary. For more information, contact us. (


National Spinning can provide dyed yarns either by spinning dyed fibers or by yarn dyeing. Our Burlington, NC dyehouse is one of the most modern and automated in the world. We dye both spun and filament yarns in a wide variety of fibers and blends. For more information, contact us. (

Fiber blending

Our Kinston, NC facility has a large fiber blending capacity. We can blend as many as four different fibers in amounts as low as 1% per component. For more information, contact us. (


National Spinning strives to be environmentally responsible in the ways we source raw materials, produce our products, reclaim bi-products, reuse packaging, and transport goods. For more information, contact us. (

Human resources

For information on hiring, benefits, or related topics, please click here. (